Apr, 2021
Apr, 2021
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Services and prices

Your reservation price, the conditions under which payment, changes, and cancellations vary according to your room type, your reservation, and other factors. You will be notified of these conditions at the time of booking. Please note that all rates are subject to availability.

Our prices are based on the “variable pricing” model and are determined by individual hotels according to their reservation patterns, therefore prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Your reservation price is confirmed at the time of booking, and will not be modified in the event of price fluctuations between the date you booked your stay and the date of your arrival. You should always check the price at the exact time of booking.

Unless otherwise indicated on the site, the price does not include additional services (breakfast, half board, full board, etc.). Tourist tax, specified on the Rates page, must be paid directly to the hotel, with the exception of prepayments online, which may also include payment of this tax.

Prices also vary depending on the currency you chose to pay and any differences between the exchange rates. Transfer to foreign currency is presented as an indication but is not contractual. No currencies will be guaranteed except the currency confirmed in the reservation (if this currency is different from the currency used in the hotel, the potential exchange expenses remain the responsibility of the customer). If a price is stated that payment is made upon arrival at or upon departure from the hotel, and the currency which the customer holds is not the currency in which the hotel deals with, then the price charged by the hotel to the account may differ from that indicated when making the reservation, due to the possible difference between the price Exchange on the date of booking and dates of stay at the hotel.

We reserve the right to correct errors in both quoted and confirmed prices. We make this correction as soon as we become aware of the error.

Your confirmed reservation price is subject at all times to correction of errors and changes resulting from government measures such as changes in value added tax and any other changes imposed by the government, and changes in currency exchange rates; We reserve the right to inform you of an increase in your confirmed reservation price as a result.

Specific promotions are available and sold exclusively online, and will in no way be available at the hotel reception.